MADE Presents Visions Of Visionaries With Levi Maestro

October 10, 2013   Posted by Levi Maestro

I love BERLIN, every time I go it’s a trip I’ll never forget. MADE space is one of the coolest places in the city, I have been around since its inception and hope one day to do my own project there. Thx for an awesome visit once again and if you are patient, check out the clip below.

6 Comments to “MADE Presents Visions Of Visionaries With Levi Maestro”

  1. Fergal says:

    Great video, you’ve a wealth of knowledge beyond your years Maestro. Took a lot from this video. Thanks!

  2. Jovell says:

    Really dope, thank you for this.

  3. Eder says:

    Such inspiration Maestro! Thank you for all the videos and content that you have shared.

  4. Sam Cruz says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts man, always uplifting. Stay positive.

  5. Matthew says:

    Great video but did anybody notice the misspelled words?

  6. Aaron says:

    “I am a healthy human being and capable.” perfectly said Levi

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