Bianchi Super Pista

September 4, 2013   Posted by Levi Maestro

I got my first Bianchi back in 2008, I remember I never thought or cared about what kind of bike I owned until I borrowed my friends for a week. I had to sell that bike a little while later because I couldn’t afford to keep it, but I always knew I’d eventually get a Super Pista! I’m more of an appreciator of bike design than an aficionado. Italian made, American ridden!

4 Comments to “Bianchi Super Pista”

  1. Phillip Lee says:

    Looks dope!!! would love to see a vid of you on this bike and do the review

  2. Zian says:

    cool tarck bike dude! Try a cyclist’s bike next time

  3. Midwest Greg says:

    In a community HUGE on biking like Minneapolis, i would love to see more vibrant colors and variety of bikes like this. I have never heard of this type of bike but i want to see it in person. Nice post Levi!

  4. Chris Hinkleson says:

    What wheels are on this bike?

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