Question 42

September 25, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro

Being that you have created a great brand for your self and your work, with a great eye for style and taste, I was wondering how hard was the decision to add such a large amount of advertising to your site? I’ve got to say I find that it detracts from the clean look of your previous site. I have also got to say if I had a great site and people wanted to pay me to advertise on it I would do it straight away.

Submitted by Rob. Sept 25, 2011
It was a difficult decision for the first 9 months that I declined the offer to host ads. Then once I realized I was being foolish, it was really easy to decide. Ads are usually pretty annoying and often times not even relevant to the user but the thing to me is that so are the majority of websites on the internet, I don’t care for them. For me it’s always been about the videos. This is why I don’t have pre-roll ads or any of my videos on YouTube, because my videos are my art. The ONLY reason why I even have a website (or a Facebook or a Twitter) is because I make videos. At the end of the day it’s like a car with license plates, it looks a whole lot better without them but once you put them on….you know it’s official.

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