Skytop III Release | Los Angeles

July 11, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro

This past weekend was the release party for Muska’s new shoe followed by an after party at Trousdale. This was real fun, happy I went! Oh and also I made a video for it that will be out this week! Sweet!
Source: Hypebeast

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4 Comments to “Skytop III Release | Los Angeles”

  1. j. proper says:

    whats up levi whats the brand of that jersey your wearing and where can i get it?! your shows are dope too!

  2. looks like a super proper party… I’m still debating if I really like the III…

  3. Oh… and can’t wait for the video either!


    J.Proper the shirt is Supreme jersey came out Last Fall … best bet is ebay

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