I’m Hooked

July 13, 2011   Posted by Justin Stephens

Yup, I’m hooked on Instagram … @jstephensinc

Overall it’s pretty inspiring sometimes to see what other people are pulling off photography wise on their phones, but the main reason I do it though is because its just FUN. Here are a few of my favorite images I’ve snapped over the last little bit…(One of these images is a photo of my old 16mm Kodak K-100 wind-up camera. Technology has come a long ways.)


*I’m trying to keep it all about iPhone photos only. Not only is it super fun to find the beauty in the simple things while on the fly, but I look at it as a challenge to try to make my images look a little different when everyone is kinda working with the same “formula”. (I sometimes use other apps as well to mix things up before bringing em into IG.)

4 Comments to “I’m Hooked”

  1. ra says:

    dope! which apps were used for these?

  2. Ricky says:

    Maybe you could do a write up on people to follow. I’m sure I follow people that other would find interesting and visa versa. @rickyforan

  3. Glad you’re mixing things up… everybody uses instragram and all the photos are looking the same. Nobody’s art is unique and different…

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