Harold Arandia

July 4, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro


Big ups from Amsterdam Netherlands. I have much respect for what you do and how you do it and its been to see how much your vision has grown.
My Parents are from Bolivia but I’m originally from Cali but now live in Amsterdam and doing my thing. I paint, illustrate, design shoes and now design chocolates too, basically i’ll do what ever pops in my head cause i have to create.

Anyway like i said just wanted to send a shout out from out here in Amsterdam,if you ever come through give a shout i’ll take you to the best chocolate shop in town and show you some paintings.

Here is my chocolate so have a visual.


And some of my art work


Keep on dreaming and God bless”

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3 Comments to “Harold Arandia”

  1. Colin Robinson says:

    That link didnt work for me, can we get a new one?

  2. Awe inspiring and interesting story… I love your work. Like you, I have the urge to always be creating. Just how I operate.

  3. mrarandia says:


    I was surprised to get posted at all so its super cool when someone lets me know they appreciate the work.

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