An Introduction Of Sorts

July 8, 2011   Posted by Justin Stephens

My name is Justin Stephens, and I’m feeling quite privileged and humbled today…Here’s why:

The last few years of my life have been especially “testing” so to speak. I think that many of you out there as well would agree that life has not been easy, and that finding your way through the fog has been one of the many challenges that we’ve all been faced with in one way or another. I’m not the type to sit here and get all crazy about things though because I’m a huge believer in somehow finding the light in all things, and taking control of our own paths…It’s easier said than done that’s for sure, but this is why I am still here today.

Personally, I’m a quiet and simple person. I love my family deeply, and am especially grateful for my friends and know who they are. Professionally, I obsess over the details in my work as a filmmaker, designer, or whatever I might be referred to as…It’s my greatest strength and weakness, combined. I’m addicted to the on the fly problem solving that becomes required while seeing a project through from conception to delivery. It’s a never ending process of adapting and improving for me. This is who I am, and this is what I love.

Big picture: Persistence and passion are 2 words that I believe can help shape a persons direction in life, and to have seen Levi come up the way that he has, for me, has been beyond inspiring. We have been close friends for quite some time now, and I believe 100% that it’s because of his simple and basic grasp of these 2 words that he has been able to accomplish what he has to this very day.

I’m looking forward to the opportunity to not only express and talk about my own passions in this column moving forward, but also celebrating the successes and discoveries that we find together moving forward.

Hi-5’s all around.

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5 Comments to “An Introduction Of Sorts”

  1. Sean Nana says:

    Looking forward to your column. Real recognize real so there’s no doubt you’ll be a significant contributor. Best to you.

  2. berthony says:

    very nice intro x looking forward to what’s to come

  3. AR says:

    J.Steez you are one talented dude, keep on pushing it buddy!

  4. Colin Robinson says:

    Tell me your films!

  5. Great addition to the site Maestro! It’s always great to see your inspiration’s inspiration… if that makes sense.. lol

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