Devlin’s Update | Album Art

June 11, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro

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7 Comments to “Devlin’s Update | Album Art”

  1. Fergal says:

    J.Cole-How High

    Please this one Dev

  2. Tito says:

    I know that feeling, I hate it too I’m used to scroll my music and feel like a DJ scrolling the vinyls, when I see an empty cover feels like a black hole in the middle of the universe…

  3. Ryan Garcia says:

    I got the same problem man ! Scrolling through my itunes I hate seeing any those singles with no picture! This would be dope !

    A good suggestion IMO would be whatever songs you do make cover art for you should put a DL link to the song/album.
    Artwork for Pac Div’s ‘Paper’ or ‘FAT Boys’ would be dope :)

  4. Dev says:

    Everyone who left a suggestion will get one! Be patient my humble followers. They’ll be included in my next update with download links.

  5. Dev says:

    And spread the word!

  6. Nice! I am exactly the same way. I hate when I scroll through iTunes and all I see is that stupid music logo. I always create one myself or search forums for others people’s visions of the covers.

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