American Boy

June 20, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro

The guy in the picture above is actually me. A young man from America, this picture however was taken in Paris, France by my friend Mathieu. When I was young I never wanted to go to Paris because I had never thought of going, this got me to thinking of how many things I haven’t done because I’ve simply never thought of doing them. Is there a possibility that I’m holding myself back from opportunity by simply not being as open minded as I should? Being open minded has always been a great idea but a more difficult task, the results are usually pretty amazing and I feel like I grow a lot more when I simply let myself. When I write I like to put my thoughts in a very organized matter but not this time, I’m far too happy and motivated to be thinking logically hahahahahahahhaha being happy is so much fun.

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  1. Colin Robinson says:

    Open the mind and you open the door to opportunity.

  2. Adam Miller says:


  3. I got the same feeling from what you wrote when I looked at the picture. You’re expression and mannerism in the photo tells all. Keep promoting good work Maestro… Like Conan always says, Be Kind and Work Hard, and you’ll go far!

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