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April 23, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro

Dear Maestro,

My name is Puck I am a 19 year old from Cincinnati Ohio. 1st off I just want to tell you what a fan I am of your work and have been for awhile. Your show series is something special to say the least! Funny story, over christmas break, when my all my freinds came back intown from college we had a Maestro Knows night. Similar to a monday night football party where we ordered pizza and wings and but instead of 3 hours of cheers and boos for our team, we set the laptop up to the big screen and watched every eposide of Maestro Knows!

At three months old I was diagnosed with a disease called muscular dystrophy. It is a disease that effects the strength in muscles and bones and allows me not to walk. I drive motorized wheelchair. I do my best each day to never let any of that down play me or effect me. I am an artist just like yourself although I am a Hip-Hop artist. I am doing shows and working on my third studio project as of now. With my music I try to motivate others and be the voice for anyone who needs it. Let them know that you can get through anything. Along I try to tell my story and my everyday life in my music as well. Music is a form of expression and something I love. And I realize I can motivate others with my craft similar to what you do.

The way you are able to tell stories is unbelievable to me. All of your work is original and yourself. It is really like no one Else’s that Ive seen. It is inspirational and gives me desire to want to pursue my dreams like you have done yours. I am a full time college student as well and I try to watch an episode each morning before class. Just for motivation and to remind me I can achive my dreams.

I saved up my money to cop your infinity piece of course. Rock it daily and get compliments on it. When someone ask me what time it is I tell them the whole story and background and do my best to introduce them to Levi himself! lol! I hope one day to make a trip to LA to meet you and get a chance to kick it. As well as to bring you to ohio and possibly have you speak to your fan base out here this way! In the mean time keep motivating and keep being yourself.


Your fan,

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3 Comments to “Puck’s Music”

  1. Incredible story and an even better attitude. Props to Maestro for influencing positivity and props to Puck for his message. Just checked out your music and it’s pretty dope… The production is smooth and your lyrics are positive… Keep it up Puck!

  2. SuSS says:

    great story. Stay Gold Puck!

  3. wow that was awesome.

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