Moving On Up

April 23, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro

This photo was taken the other day at Eddie’s Hair Creations in Washington, DC by a guy named Tarik Sykes. Later on that night I spoke at University of Maryland and had brought Tarik to shoot a video of the event. We had a lot of fun on our 24 hour venture and the next morning while headed to the airport, I had feeling inside just assuring me that I was doing what I was supposed to be doing, my opportunities are growing and I’m achieving all the things I said I would. Coincidently, in unrelated conversation as I was telling Tarik how happy I was that he came through on this project for me, he was in turn reminding me of a Facebook chat we had a little over a year ago when we didn’t know each other yet and he wanted to work with me & 13th Witness. I guess it makes me really happy to see this photo not only because someone super talented took it but the way things ended up coming together was so legit. That’s how players do it!

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8 Comments to “Moving On Up”

  1. modi says:

    tight. that’s my barber who cut your hair. lol.

  2. I know it’s cliche but I really believe everything happens for a reason and if it was meant to be, it was meant to be. Things will line up for you only if its right, that’s why we can’t be greedy and expect more. Crazy how things work out in the end… Nice story Maestro, we need more of these from you… there like an episode of Maestro Knows in themselves.

  3. Dee Wells says:

    Great article & Tarik a/k/a DunkonDunks is my brother. I always say that good people need to meet and connect with great people, and that’s exactly what’s happened!

    Keep moving forward, Maestro.

    Positive Innovators UNITED!

    Peace & Walk GOOD!

  4. This post was/is so real I didn’t even know he was going to post anything! I just got the feeling to take pics while he was getting a cut……But this is a str8 up and down TRUTH post! Not many words to paint how I feel about it! This hits my heart and I know he wrote it from his heart.

    A girl asked if maestro was really like this. I told her what you see in the videos is what stand infront of you! He has been nothing but real to me from the first day I met him!

    Thanks again Mestro! means a lot holmes!

  5. Wisedecisions says:

    Maestro I don’t know you personally, but your repor with Tarik let’s me know that you’re cool peeps. I’m glad to know Tarik, to watch his growth, and for him to be a apart of my “Circle of Success.” Blessing to you both, bathe in success, and enjoy every second of it!

  6. Thank you @MARQ C @DEE WELLS & @WISEDECISIONS for the support!

  7. EDEN E. says:

    YO! SENIOR! I hadn’t thought about it, But a hair cut edit of you getting interview would be way cool, just because people always tend to get into a cleaner way of thinking, while getting lined up! Kind of being able to see a different side of you, doing a stuff. A version similar to you on the drums! remember that edit?… TU AMIGO EDEN!

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