Levi Maestro Speaks @ UMD (Video)

April 25, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro

Last Wednesday evening I arrived in DC to speak at UMD in College Park, MD. This opportunity was made possible by a group of motivated students that make up the Latino Student Union. Not only did they make it possible for students to attend but the public was also welcomed. I spoke mostly of my experiences during the last few years in my efforts of making my own path and building a financial future out of everything I love. I’m super thankful for the time shared with everyone that attended and also the attention they devoted for a little more than two hours. Check the video created by Tarik Sykes below and leave a comment if you want me to come speak at your school!

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24 Comments to “Levi Maestro Speaks @ UMD (Video)”

  1. vince says:

    very insperational

  2. yo pleeeeease come to the uk and come to my school man!

  3. Shane D says:

    Western Kentucky University needs a great speaker and motivating person to come speak..Maestro would be perfect

  4. Nice video, what is the song at the start of the video ?

  5. eL says:

    That was truly a great experience. Thank’s so much for coming out there and sharing such great thoughts. Keep doing what you’re doing. It’s obviously making a difference.

  6. Colin says:

    Congratulations are in order.

  7. Oliver Braun says:

    Levi I finished all my studies, graduated from school but come speak somewhere in my city! would be so inspiring to hear your story and your tips on financial entrepreneurship… COME TO SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA!


  8. Wisedecision says:

    Once again, another phenomenal video. Bro you never cease to amaze me, Crisp and Quality!

  9. Jeffrey Bo says:

    What your doing is not just inspiring, your creating a movement of change. A change that has anyones biggest dream as the bullseye and our weapon is us with ammo of motivation and attitude of “I cannot fail”.

    Maestro, you are doing it man. Be blessed and continue to spread the change that “we can do anything”.

    stay blessed … one

  10. AshleyStarStruck says:

    Hey Maestro! I sent an e-mail to Jerald, but you said to leave a comment here too, so here it is! I got to College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan and we would LOVE to have you come up and speak to us! I know that a lot of us want to be where you’re at! COME TO CCS!!! I know you need a Burn Rubber hat or something.

  11. Tommy Bunnz says:

    Peace, my boy hipped me to you not too long ago, and I’m incredibly happy to see you manifesting the things you want in your life. Showing and proving is the best way to get a strong message of positivity across. You don’t seem to force it in, it just is. That’s peace. I appreciate what you’re doing, and like everyone, can’t wait to see whats next.

  12. YO come speak at UH Manoa in Honolulu! Ill be there fo sho!

  13. Come to Lakeside School in Seattle! I know it’s rainy but I swear man you’ll love it.

  14. Coley Cole says:

    What about speaking at social media agencies?

  15. Maya Shaw says:

    Hi! My school, Appomattox Regional Governors School for the Arts and Technology, in Petersburg, Va wanted you to come speak for our graduation, but sadly don’t have the money for you to come over and inspire us seniors to follow our dreams. Great video by the way!

  16. That’s so dope… keep spreading your word Maestro! More and more people will become believers by word of mouth… Very inspirational, very cool! I’m almost done with school but would really like you to come to UC Santa Cruz, would be dope!

    Oh and @YouPerspective the song is an instrumental of “My Last” by Big Sean Feat. Chris Brown.

  17. Shaunte' says:

    Consider Arizona State University. We would love to have you speak here.

  18. Juan morales says:

    The Kid made it! Dope !!

  19. Jaime says:

    Cal Poly Pomona is ready for you Levi! It would be great if you could come out to our school and help motivate all the student to do it big. Alot of times students lack motivation and drive but im sure youll be able to inspire, at least that what you have done to me.

  20. jonathan says:

    can you please come to fenway high school in boston?!

  21. Asghar says:

    YO! I was the first dude that spoke on this video. That night was amazing, thanks to Levi for coming out and sharing with us some inspiring advice. Hope I see you again soon Maestro!

  22. Levi.

    I’ve already graduated but you should come party with us at my buddy’s block party. It’s June 18th. Downtown Chicago. Lincoln Park. Music. Diverse crowd. Cute girls. Style. Drinks. And fun. Just saying. Shoot me an e-mail if you wanna learn more.

    Peace Dude,

    Chris Wallace
    Fresh Exposure

  23. Levi,

    Our group has formally contacted you and your affiliate about participating in one our themes. I’m not here to spam your comment section with our website, but we have provided our website and our school’s website in both the email and the field that you have provided. I hope that our paths may one day cross.

    Best Wishes,


  24. Andrew Milligan says:

    Come hang in vancouver bc! you’re the biggest inspiration anyone could ever ask for

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