“Infinity Piece” Re-Release 3/1

February 27, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro

Thank you for the support & demand on this project! This is the last opportunity to get ahold of the black color but there will be other versions on the way, just take a look at the video.

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274 Comments to ““Infinity Piece” Re-Release 3/1”

  1. Tom Bachar says:


  2. Josh says:

    Maybe now?

  3. ty mooney says:

    need this!

  4. Darren Freemont says:

    it says 96 but im positive its past 100

  5. Vineet C. says:

    Don’t think I won :( . Oh well next time

  6. Randall Sanabria says:

    The infinity piece is so dopeeeeee

  7. Kris Johnson says:

    Pleassee!!!! haha I need this Im Infinity Piece’s Groupie!!!

  8. Yman says:

    The watch I always used to wear just recently broke, but i guess it’s alright cause i never really used it for checking the time haha so this would be the perfect replacement!

  9. Harry Chadha says:

    great stuff!

  10. ian says:

    i’d love this fly watch

  11. Edison Vida says:

    Come on come on come on come on, POW WOW!!!!

  12. edwin. says:

    i’m ODing right now

  13. jaret balba says:


  14. Zanana says:

    I would love this watch! =P

  15. Randall Sanabria says:

    Cant wait till another collab is released!

  16. Shane D says:

    Cmon 100

  17. asghar says:

    this piece is sick. keep it up maestro, you’re an inspiration to myself and everyone else

  18. justin says:

    100 here

  19. Pat says:

    My iPhone is slow so I hope I win

  20. Zanana says:


  21. Darren Freemont says:

    to infinity and beyond

  22. Tom Bachar says:

    when will i know if i won?

  23. kenny says:


  24. Josh says:

    This time for sure

  25. Gabe says:

    soo cool!

  26. Joey V says:

    alright i commented too much..100 must have happened..i just want that piece hahah

  27. Shane D says:

    Maestro Knows!! 100 comment!!

  28. Marner says:

    Please almost there

  29. mark simmons says:

    please can i have one?

  30. justin says:

    100 zzz

  31. edwin. says:

    ODing times 1,000.

  32. Paris P says:


  33. Arboytate says:


  34. Sean Ashley Balba says:


  35. VivianNguyen says:

    let me be 100 please! (=

  36. Zanana says:


  37. oritse says:

    nice piece sir, let me have it

  38. Darren Freemont says:

    99 please be mine! 100

  39. mark simmons says:

    please can i have one? please

  40. Edison Vida says:

    WHO WOn!?

  41. Tom Bachar says:

    i think i got the 100th comment? i have fersure have seen this video so many times now, that i probably memorized everything said. I am a young kid representing LA.

  42. Adam Miller says:

    maestro the man

  43. John David says:

    @johndavidangel Infinity Piece, is an amazing piece of art. it would be wonderful to win. And I would probably always wear it.

  44. Marner says:

    Please tell me I won:)

  45. Joey V says:

    yo maestro is the shit..i wish i was in hawaii for those free sweatshirts too! who got the piece? everybody’s on the edge of their seat probly haha

  46. Marner says:

    I been wanting this since day 1!

  47. Shane D says:


  48. Marner says:

    I am so nervous now lol.

  49. Edison Vida says:

    are you serious =(

  50. Jezelle says:

    Love it! Can’t wait to see what’s next

  51. dreya says:

    I love em all!

  52. dreya says:

    ready to be the 100th comment!

  53. dreya says:

    you ..

  54. chris says:


  55. Eric says:


  56. Kevin says:


  57. mario gibson says:

    I want that piece

  58. Daniel says:

    i want so bad ! always making quality maestro

  59. Mikal Durant says:

    Even if I don’t win…i bought the infinity piece earlier today, but it would be great if I did won so I can share the gift with somebody else. I’d give it to my son, because he deserves it for just being him, working hard and having integrity. I’m just glad that he still allows me to help guide him at the age of 17. When I was his age; I was out on these streets and I wasn’t listening to anybody. He was born when I was 18.

    Life is good!

  60. I hope I am Lucky 100!!!!!

  61. Joe Ballard says:

    Young kids representing all us!

  62. DELUCA says:

    Hope its not too late to win. but great infinity piece.

  63. Evan Navarro says:

    Party on

  64. Matthew says:


  65. jayson manalansan says:

    Giving it a shot! Sup maestro! Keep it up!

  66. Nico says:


  67. […] Piece” Re-Release – Maestro Tweet a2a_linkname="The Original Winger – Friday […]

  68. Philip Chun says:

    wow, red look really cool. black was super classic too :)

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