February 21, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro


Just like you I make videos.
I just started my business recently and even though it seems like a regular video-production-company right now, it’s more than that.
I want to build a brand which focuses on different fields of life. 24HFOCUS will become a name known for high-quality-work.
I say WILL because I believe in it and for me it’s just a matter of time how long it will take.
24HFOCUS will stand for investment, creativity, positivity and creative solutions for corporations and artists.

A post of 24HFOCUS on your website would mean the world to me Sir!!!
I put all my money, my love, my time and my life in this and yesterday I signed my first contract with the biggest radio-station around here.
I’m a 25 year old guy from Germany and where I’m from people do not recognize creativity like they do at a place like LosAngeles.
I still push and believe and I won’t lose my faith! I know I can make it and show my kids that I did something that people have told me wasn’t possible”.

Christoph Ruehle

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12 Comments to “24HFOCUS”

  1. Beautiful girl, beautiful beat, beautiful composition… I like it!

  2. mario says:

    i love chris ruehles work

  3. Robert H. says:

    Wow maan this is gonna inspire many youll see

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  5. Arikka says:

    the work is great and i hope that someday ill be able to start my own company with similar values and aspirations

  6. Najja B. says:

    I LOVE this!!

  7. Rankins says:

    wow ..video quality is amazing … and who’s the girl she reminds me of a beautiful girl i know … great job on the video production .. and modeling . keep it up !

  8. Ben Robin Fenty says:

    ur so amazinq u look fab.. luv ya <3

  9. Devin says:

    This is hot Sid. Keep it up

  10. 24HFOCUS says:

    I truly appreciate all the great feedback!
    This means a lot.

    I’ve posted the story how I got to find this feature on my website’s blog.
    Thank you very much to everyone.

  11. Marcus says:

    great video…
    nice production….
    whats the instrumental jamming in the backround!?

  12. 24HFOCUS says:

    @marcus Thank you Sir. The song is Portishead-Undenied

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