Yesterday at work.

November 23, 2010   Posted by Levi Maestro

Me & Drama. Fantasy Factory.

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13 Comments to “Yesterday at work.”

  1. cc says:

    wow thats so cool

  2. rainyeyes says:

    nice! I love that show

  3. sylvia says:

    ou were at the fantasy factory!?!that’s so cool!

  4. Ace says:

    Hahaha. Love that photo!

  5. Dice says:

    can’t wait to see what this leads to

  6. cpr360 says:

    Man he used to be so different in Big and Rob he has become what he wanted to be. Just like you.

  7. JohnyLoL says:

    Drama Beats!!! I love the kid

  8. alex says:


  9. NYcStillz says:

    What Kind of camera do you have in your hand?

  10. Myk Blauuw says:

    this should be interesting….FF has been cool to see & i’m sure you guys have something good cooked up.

  11. Jn McHarrie says:

    Hope you experienced the foam pit……

  12. Dr-Dr-Dr-Drama Beats!

    man, that show is so dope. I heard they are bringing Big Black back.

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