This is DOM KENNEDY (Life As I Know It)

November 3, 2010   Posted by Levi Maestro

Me & DOM back at it.

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24 Comments to “This is DOM KENNEDY (Life As I Know It)”

  1. Big Lee says:

    yo this is too dope im feelin this piece 100%

  2. Pim says:

    Dope, I was just wondering how Dom was doing the other day!
    thanks for the hoodie maestro, It came in today! super nice.
    warm regards from far away,
    the Netherlands, that is!

  3. Stuart says:

    And adding a special moment to my life id def. did.

  4. wow man, a dope piece…

  5. dauche says:

    Nicely done. Enjoyed the message as well.
    Dom is definitely a hard worker, seeing him progress as an artist is refreshing.
    Prayers to Arlene, her family, and friends. God Bless !

  6. Agentspits says:

    Dom Kennedy is dope, like this video, short and to the point. Nice work! Gonna have to listen to From The Westside With Love again now.

  7. Marss says:

    Pure Inspiration , You’ll get nothing without hard work and struggle.

  8. cpr360 says:

    I am reading this book called the four agreements. The last agreement is always do your best and even though people know you should always do your best, most of the time we do not give or best just what we can or want to give. I am going to make it one of my motto’s because life is not about over doing anything or not giving it a genuine shot, it is about trying your best knowing that in your heart if you would have done more you would have over exerted yourself and any less and you feel like crap. Funny how he said he listens to music from the sixties to find inspiration because some of his beats have a certain feel to them, like it was influenced by music from another era should have known he was listening to Marvin Gaye among others. Wonder what your next mixtape is going to be like? Real nice prolly.

  9. Tony says:

    Dope video. Where you guys on your way to The Hundreds LA?

    Dom’s dope… got all his tapes and they are all on point. No doubt!

    Rocking those 2001 black and red I’s… haha. Fresh!

  10. marques says:

    I come home from work to another dope video by the man Maestro, it only gets batter just like Dom said!!!!

  11. Pacman says:


  12. platalm says:

    Loving this and the message, great one maestro
    Dom–Locals Only
    we’re listening :)

  13. The New Deal says:

    yo, finally you got ads

  14. Mr.Walker says:

    AmaZING Narriation!
    should the video to my mom and shes ” this young man has alot smarts and wisdom for his age”
    GO DOM!

  15. paul cruz says:

    cool video, but he looks too big for that big haha

  16. A'dariusp. says:

    I great piece Maestro and shoutouts to my boi DOM KENNEDY you doing it BIG son waiting for that next mixtape and for you to hit up my neighborhood with a concert????…

  17. @RYANHUTCH says:

    Maaaannnnn, the whole “it takes 5yrs to get good at something” (paraphrase, LOL) line was so on point!
    Digested, applied, lets see what my outcome is. hey, we may even see a MK + RH video in a year or so.
    Hard work will pay off. Peace

  18. Jn McHarrie says:

    this video is so dope. PROPS DOM.

  19. dynamicproducer says:

    I love that quote used in the beginning. And its true that music from the past has certain something that our generation is simply not getting.

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