June 27, 2010   Posted by Levi Maestro


In celebration of the 1 year anniversary of my show Maestro Knows a few months ago, I created a skateboard as part of a collaborative project with my friends at IN4MATION in Hawaii. I am a skateboarder before everything so this project relates to my heart very matter of factly. All the details, inspiration and other randomness coming soon via video. Only 50 available. Dropping this Friday, July 2nd from IN4MATION. Thanks for all your love & support.

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529 Comments to “Totally IN4MAESTRO.”

  1. Majdi says:

    I wish I am the 400th !!
    I just want it ’cause it looks dope !!
    And I’m huge fans both: Maestro knows and In4mation !!
    So I definitely want it !! :-)

  2. Flo says:


  3. Jason A D says:

    Congratulations to Ken for winning the board ^^^^^, I think you be the 400th post dude!!!! Yeaaap! Enjoy it! Equally congratulations to Maestro for an amazing first collabo project, its only gonna get better from here.

  4. Victor says:


  5. petey says:

    Awesome stuff u create inspiring works

  6. rune says:

    would be so sick to get this board for my collection of boards with people that inspires me.

  7. i can’t believe i just missed the mark. im going to cry now. =[

  8. I hope i win, if not ima just sit back and listen to this.

  9. tom douglas says:

    I want!

  10. tom douglas says:

    i really hope im not too late! please i need too be 400th!

  11. tom douglas says:

    Im pretty sure im too late :( but never mind

  12. tom douglas says:


  13. tom douglas says:

    couple more should do it

  14. Sara O says:

    Love your work! Peace & love from the land down under aka Australia x

  15. Danny says:

    Danny needs a new board!

  16. YvesCY says:

    Congratulations on the 1 year anniversary and the collaboration Maestro.

  17. Johnny says:

    *Fingers crossed

  18. Tyler Inthaxai says:

    400! Right Here MAESTRO

  19. lyrikal says:

    IM 400!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Lorenzo Magtibay says:

    Maestro is marvelous!

  21. Lorenzo Magtibay says:

    Did i win?

  22. your such an inspiration to me, i love the board and am so happy for you, thanks for being a part of my life.

  23. tapechris says:

    You Made It..Congrats on the Success I Hope i Get too Doo Something like this one day!

  24. Lorenzo Magtibay says:


  25. Lorenzo Magtibay says:

    We are all sukers for MAESTRO. YEAH!

  26. Daniel Elcock says:

    Best deck.

  27. Nico says:


  28. Sam says:

    I love your board…. would be nice to have your deck..

  29. Dave says:


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