Woooooooowow this is ridiculous!

October 24, 2009   Posted by Levi Maestro

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5 Comments to “Woooooooowow this is ridiculous!”

  1. kontrol247 says:

    Wow I know those shoes are gonna go fast, I love this guy Robert tho, he seems like he pays very close attention to detail. you guys should go check out his other painting, great artistry.

  2. sam callis says:

    Yo snap! i put this video up on my facebook yesterday! this is unreal

  3. Ladyurbain says:

    Very nice shoes. They are definately going to go fast.

  4. Tjaandizzle says:

    that´s oldschool mixing your own paint. really cool!

  5. mickeyCH says:

    thats art,dope idea,dope painter!

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