Thank you for understanding MAESTRO KNOWS.

October 9, 2009   Posted by Levi Maestro


“I haven’t posted any Maestro Knows episodes in a minute because I was being a hater. For some unwarranted reason I felt like Maestro was taking his opportunities for granted and not soaking up the entire experience that he was involved with. First it’s none of my business whether he is or isn’t. But I was watching the Jay-Z in Madison Square Garden concert on my couch in a dimly lit living room in Oakland, wishing I was at this concert in New York, and then I see that Maestro was at the concert giving his followers a play by play on twitter. I was like, damn, if I was at that concert I’d be watching it, not texting it.


I pretty much let jealousy sound off the “Hater Alert” because I wasn’t where I wanted to be at and I tried to pass that s**t off onto Maestro. Not the business to say the least. But Maestro and I did have a short & sweet email conversation about counting blessings where he assured me that he counts every last one of his. There was also no arguing, which I thought was real cool because most people don’t take it lightly when question their gratefulness.


Now today I watch this Dream Team episode and it’s exactly what I selfishly needed to see. Maestro is in Tokyo and he’s narrating his respect for everything he got to put his eyes on, the locations he was able to visit and the interactions that he was able to record. He’s talking about how when he was growing up he never would have thought he’d be on this trip around the world skateboarding with and shooting video with the people that inspired him to do what he does.


In this time of recession and finding it ironic that our street culture seems to be getting more and more high end and exclusive, It’s good to see one of our representatives show us that it’s for the love of the game while reminding us that if you do what you need to be doing and stop worrying about all other bulls**t then you will get to where your supposed to be. All else is the next mans dream.


Thanks Maestro!”


Allen Walker (Via Multiple Hustle)

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  1. You truly are a wise man.

  2. Christina Onukwube says:

    WOW!! I’m speechless, I was feeling the same way. It takes a real individual to humble himself and take life for what it is.

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