Portraits Of The Process!

October 12, 2009   Posted by Levi Maestro



Me & Mr. Kim bring you “The Process”.  A complex thought underlined with a simplistic visual.  I’ve always wanted to shoot videos that are made up of all tight shots, so I shot the whole series like this!  Rickey did NOT interview these people, they are his friends and colleagues.  This whole series was shot while having conversations about nothing, just catching up with friends.  These are personal stories from one human about another.  I don’t like interviews, they’re boring to me and I won’t make them, what I will do is create content that is creative and different from the mundane.




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5 Comments to “Portraits Of The Process!”

  1. brian says:

    I wished Eddie could of talked a little.

  2. Mr. Andre says:

    Very nice!
    Great cinematography. Great story. Great innovation.
    Real smooth track!

    Big ups to Mr. Kim and Eddie Cruz!

    Cheers Maestro!

  3. yashweb says:

    congrats maestro!

    you two did an awesome job!

    actually it’s kind of weird to have an interview without the voice of the one who got interviewed but the images and just seeing him talking makes a very good job transporting the message!

    keep it going like that :)

    oh and by the way
    your blog is the first blog i really follow on a regular basis, thx for that :)

  4. rallycars says:



    Very dope and interesting. Great cinematography. This was new and refreshing. Like Brian said. I wish Eddie could have spoke some more.

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