My friend Eddie Cruz.

August 31, 2009   Posted by Levi Maestro



It seems rare that you meet someone you want to meet without knowing that you want to meet them, believe it or not if you think that statement out, it actually makes sense.  It is also the statement that best describes the way I met my friend Eddie.  I had heard many people speak about him over a pretty large span of time but never actually came into contact with him or even really knew what he looked like until one day when I was at his shop (UNDFTD) and he told me that I had a nice bike.  It was this brief compliment that stemmed into a few more run ins and then eventually us sitting down and discussing our different trades that I realized Eddie was different than anyone of his position I had ever met.  For the most part when human beings accomplish great things for themselves and become distinguished and respected by others, their motives change and they lose sight of why they originally started doing what they do.  There is no fine line between those I just described and Eddie, he is way on the other side of the spectrum.  I know this because when hardly anyone knew what I was doing, Eddie sat down with me and took notice of what I had going on, just out of genuine interest.  It takes the open mind of a true artist to continue educating themselves with what’s currently happening in areas that don’t even involve them.  I think a lot of people are so concerned with finding “inspiration” that they don’t really give that term the credit it deserves.  Eddie Cruz is one of the few indivduals that offers me constant inspiration just by being himself.

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4 Comments to “My friend Eddie Cruz.”

  1. Stark says:

    No doubt. Gotta leave people that truly enjoy what they do. Makes the world go round.

  2. Geia. says:

    you write beautifully maestro.


  3. Phil-G. says:

    What a compliment!!

    Nicely written, Levi!

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