New video for 7th Letter!

July 20, 2009   Posted by Levi Maestro


This is one of my favorite videos I’ve made for a client in a while!  Shot it in a few hours and just finished cutting it last night.  Word up.

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5 Comments to “New video for 7th Letter!”

  1. tysstyle says:

    It was great to hear some of their perspectives, thoughts and reasoning as to why they do what they do. Thanks for this maestro!

  2. Dope Vid! Nice edit, beautifully shot…

    Keep it crackin’…

  3. sam callis says:

    Wow this shit is crazy saber is one of my all time painters.
    loving the work and all the 7thletter crew.
    keep it up maestro!

  4. JB says:

    Good Clip….7th Letter Crew is on point as always. really, REALLY digging the “Players Club” jazzy instrumental.

  5. Jimmy Fuentes says:

    People take for granted the power of such video. Personally I have a weird sense of style which goes further than the visual aspect of a brand. I love to see the roots and culture that pushed the creation of such brand. Videos like this that actually shows what the creators are about and give you a taste of the passion they have for their garments is what actually pushes me to choose a brand over the next. Don’t know if the video was done for a marketing purpose, but regardless; from editing, to lighting, angles, and most important the story, it was flawless composed.

    CEO of JFTC

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