Maestro Knows – Episode 10 (BJ The Chicago Kid)

February 19, 2016

It seems like BJ and I have always been friends. Since meeting in 2007, we’ve traveled around the world together, we’ve had a lot of struggles and a lot of breakthroughs. One quality he and I have always shared is desire. The desire to create and to succeed in this life through those things we are creating. Many memories and literally hundreds of songs later, it is that same desire that makes this note I’m writing today so special because today is the release of his debut album In My Mind. Before anybody believed in his music or my videos…we believed!

In My Mind avail HERE!

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Maestro Knows – Episode 9 (Jason Markk)

June 25, 2015

In 2008, I met a guy with a bottle of sneaker cleaning solution named Jason. A very nice, humble guy who I would see around Los Angeles year after year and would always stop to catch up. Over the last few years I’ve seen his idea for a specific product grow into a full fledged company and what can be properly described as a movement. Keeping shoes clean! It’s a big deal to many people and to Jason Markk, it’s a necessity. I am very happy for the strides they are making today because their individual influence can only now try and be mirrored from this point forward. In this episode, we start in Harbor City before making our way downtown to make a heavy sneaker cleansing effort at the JM shop.

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Maestro Knows – Episode 8 (Jamie Lidell)

November 20, 2014

You know how they say that some things in life are just meant to be? For me, this video below feels like the definition of that statement. If I were to make a list today of the top 10 people I would like to create an episode with, Jamie Lidell’s name is on that list. I have been a fan since first hearing his song “Multiply” in 2006 and have been collecting all the music he’s made ever since. To me, there are a few characteristics that make a person who plays music an “artist”. First, the form of creativity and how you flip it. Second, you’re natural talent and how many ways you can use it. Vocal quality, a creative pen, original performance, I suppose the list could grow very long. I was a fan of Jamie before this video because of his music and ability to put on an awesome show. Since this trip to Nashville, I am a fan of his attitude and work ethic, the ability to realize that there is always more to learn and room to improve. Life can be as radical as you decide to make it, please enjoy one of my favorite episodes of Maestro Knows to date.


Maestro Knows – Episode 7 (Mauro Porcini)

November 11, 2014

One thing that I’ve come to realize in life, is that when you make a valiant effort to create something that you believe in, you earn a sense a accomplishment that is only provided by doing just that. As you begin to experience positive reactions from time well spent, the window of opportunity opens wider and the world gets smaller. I have always been impressed by the type of people and places I come into contact with because I use a video camera for a living. This video below only happened because of the Infinity Piece, a product I didn’t necessarily intend to create but realized was meant for me. Fortunately some other people feel that the IP is meant for them as well and Mauro Porcini is one of them. There is a great deal of information that can be googled about how Mauro has earned/created such a highly respected position in the world of design. However, in this video the common thread is love. Take a look at New York City from Mauro’s perspective and you’ll see why the native Italian, chooses it for home base.


Maestro Knows – PSA (Living)

October 28, 2014

There is always something, if not many things that we can be grateful for. There is always something we can do to lend a hand. The coolest people I know, are the ones with the biggest hearts. I am always working on myself to figure out how I can be more like the person I am in my imagination. I constantly catch myself worrying about things that are of minimal importance and try to immediately reprioritize in those moments. This weeks episode is a very small effort on my behalf to attempt to aid relief for those currently in West Africa suffering due to the Ebola virus. 100% of sales from all “Living” hat orders made today will be donated to Operation Blessing To be a part, you can order HERE.