Maestro Knows – Episode 3 (Los Angeles)

December 9, 2013

The year is coming to a close and I wanted to take things back to the old school. I started my Maestro Knows riding around in my car, visiting friends around the city of Los Angeles to showcase their lives and talents but since then it’s taken my documentation around the world. This year I worked on the Wild Rabbit campaign with Hennessy, which hit close to home for me because it’s my everyday scenario. It’s about chasing after the thing that you love, striving for it, capturing it, improving it and so on. So in this piece I wanted to give you a look at some of my friends (Bridget Kelly, Nem Perez, Valerie Julian, Kyle Awtry) who are chasing after theirs in LA!
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Maestro Knows – Episode 2 (Alcatraz)

October 31, 2013

A few weeks ago Blake and I flew up to San Francisco for the day to check out Red Bull’s KOTR exhibition hosted by BG on Alcatraz island. This was the first ever sporting event to take place at the penitentiary, as well as my first visit. Basically 64 players who had qualified as the champ in their own city were flown out to the bay to compete in a final tournament and see who would become the 2013 world champ! Only other thing I’ve got to say is make sure you catch that part where Blake says I’m nice with the dunk kid!!

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Maestro Knows – Episode 1 (São Paulo)

August 8, 2013

3 seasons of 10 episodes each, 2 “off seasons” totaling 10 more & a “special edition” series of 20 more. All in all, since 2009 to date I have put out 60 full episodes of Maestro Knows. As my life & career continue to develop I find I am constantly trying to balance my time and make sure that nothing is getting neglected. Practice makes perfect and I am still a long way away. Read More

MKUSA | Part 4 of 4

April 13, 2013

In this final episode of MKUSA, Maestro links up with Greg Mike in ATL and Auto receives a new paint job! Carolina, DC & NYC get lost in the mix as Levi reflects and the best moments of the trip and how traveling just isn’t the same without your friends. Until next time America!


Belee Dat (VIDEO)

April 5, 2013

You know I’m no stranger to these product hunt videos. This time I invited my guy Theotis to drop some his his Belee Dat shirts he made with Mountain Dew for you. The product hasn’t been available for sale yet & for those of you who aren’t in LA, I have some that I’m gonna give away here on the site. Just LIKE or TWEET this post and leave your comment below and we’ll grab 7 random winners by the end of day…