June 15, 2015   Posted by Levi Maestro

I’m not sure where to begin my very simple, yet complex story. I started skateboarding in 1997. Nick Tershay started Diamond Supply Co in 1998. At that time the brand made skateboard hardware and several t-shirts. I’ll always remember that Diamond had (still has) one of the largest, greatest teams in skateboarding…plus simple and coveted brand presence. Fast forward to 2006, Diamond opened their first store on Fairfax ave in Los Angeles. My friend Tone worked at the shop and during that time I remember him saying something about how Diamond would soon grow to surpass the relevance of all the current streetwear brands at that time. Honestly, I took his opinion with a grain of salt because I wouldn’t have fathomed that a skateboard company who’s roots were established in making nuts and bolts would ever be globally excepted as a clothing brand. Well, several years later it happened and is still happening today. Nick’s vision for Diamond has led him to be 16 years in the market creating an example for skateboarders and aspiring entrepreneurs, that will never be duplicated.

In Jan 2013, I went down to Nick’s office and gave him a product that I created under my brand becomb. The Infinity Piece was to serve as a reminder that when you are dedicated to what you love, time then becomes irrelevant. The collaboration happened immediately when he had an idea in mind for the design of his own version. I couldn’t feel more right about becomb’s first official brand collab, because skateboarding is what brought it here. Skateboarding led me to video, which led me to LA, which led me to starting a company that made me realize time is most wisely spent on the things that you love.

Stay tuned.

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