October 7, 2014   Posted by Levi Maestro

This is just a quick note to say thank you. Thank you for purchasing the products I’ve made, thank you for relating to the ideas the I represent and put out into the universe to motivate others. I salute you for whatever way you are dedicating yourself to something you love, to do something better than yesterday. Even though we may never meet, at least we found a way to relate and that to me is the true beauty of communication.

2 Comments to “I SALUTE YOU”

  1. Mitch says:

    Right back atcha Levi!

  2. Naw.g says:

    I just found you through an old video by Tone. You, sir, are meant for greatness. Thank you for sparking a dose of inspiration and motivation for those of us at our lowest. I look forward to meeting you at the top!

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