My New Chukka’s

September 18, 2013   Posted by Levi Maestro

Got these real light weight Flyknit Chukka’s the other day. I had been waiting several months for them to make a decent color without all the crazy accents on the previous one and finally he we are.

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  1. Tanya Payne says:


    I’ve tried to reach out before but haven’t had much luck. I’m sure you’re a busy man these days. But I just wanted to see if my services could be of some use. I think your Becomb watch piece is GENIUS. It’s not just a watch, its a lifestyle. It’s about putting your mind body & soul into your passion, SO MUCH so that time should be irrelevant. I’ve thought of a really creative & different marketing technique to really get that message across. If you’re interested I would love to share it with you. Marketing & music marketing is my passion. And I really only like to do things if I truly believe in them & your movement & you pieces I believe in. Hopefully I’ll hear back from you & we can collab on some things. Let me know! I know you were looking for an intern so please let me know.

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