Snapshots From My Trip To Mallorca & Marrakesh

July 17, 2013   Posted by Levi Maestro

Here’s some snaps I took with my point & shoot during my trip last week with CB. We got to stay in some REAL nice spots & got some videos coming soon!

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  1. Niko G. Robinson says:

    Remarkable Levi, you know you are such an inspiration. I really thank you for what you do day to day, because it gives belief to people like me, like, oh man look at Levi, you see where he just went? Mallorca and Marrakesh! I guess I am going to do that too :) I know for a FACT you just have to be yourself as full as you can, so be it.

    It’s rad man, LOVE to you man, I’m counting on skating with you look out! :)

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