becomb Introduces New Series “What Is Time To You?”

June 12, 2013   Posted by Levi Maestro

It’s been 6 months since I launched becomb and we have one product, the Infinity Piece. I’m much more focused on building this thing product by product instead of making a line of products that have minimal to no identity. Brand identity is extremely important and I feel like the Infinity Piece still has a lot of explaining and establishing to do. So let’s think about it, What Is Time To You?

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  1. Niko G. Robinson says:

    Time to me is: a marker point for experience, nothing more, I’m more about touching down to the earth in places and moments with unique intent. The more and more you live in your heart the more and more the old mental concepts fade away, That’s my goal, to be in so much joy that I can let my subconscious mind take care of the organization circumstances of things, I’m just there to act on great ideas. Truly beyond time. That’s my philosophy, the becomb infinity piece is my kind of product. That’s that Thanks Levi, for the great question

  2. Ashleyn Strong says:


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