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May 2, 2013   Posted by Levi Maestro

Hello & welcome! I’m really happy to launch this upgraded version of my site. The bottom line is I can’t put out videos everyday, nor every week & especially not just for the heck of it. In the last few years, my life has transitioned/grown into a career and better yet a business. It’s now time to showcase how this is all coming together.

I’m beginning to build the machine, everyday I’m doing something different and I want to be able to share more of it than I could when I was doing everything myself. I have so many talented friends now lending their help and they deserve credit (all photos by Ryan Lusteg). I hope that writing and documenting these day to day activities will begin to spell it all out. With that said, what better post could I begin with than skateboarding? Getting krooked on a Tuesday in El Segundo.

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  1. Jordan Mars says:

    Looking forward to it! Always a big supporter of you 😉

  2. Coley Cole says:

    You help me appreciate my city! Keep up the good work.

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