Belee Dat (VIDEO)

April 5, 2013   Posted by Levi Maestro

You know I’m no stranger to these product hunt videos. This time I invited my guy Theotis to drop some his his Belee Dat shirts he made with Mountain Dew for you. The product hasn’t been available for sale yet & for those of you who aren’t in LA, I have some that I’m gonna give away here on the site. Just LIKE or TWEET this post and leave your comment below and we’ll grab 7 random winners by the end of day…








26 Comments to “Belee Dat (VIDEO)”

  1. Trang says:

    Keep it up!

  2. Vinson says:

    A drive to PCH doesn’t sound too bad right now.

  3. Maestro always giving back to the people! I love it!

  4. Will says:

    aha…BELEE DAT!!!

  5. Adrian says:

    That tank top is nice for the summer.

  6. This is awesome. I wish stuff like this happened where I lived.

  7. Soleil B. says:

    @levimaestro making me miss the left coast like cazy with these product hunts #BELEEDAT #cutetanks #spreadthelove

  8. Mmm, my first Maestro piece haha

  9. I am loving the shirt!

  10. Pagz says:

    Simple yet so dope

  11. schy says:


  12. Clelia Hernandez says:


  13. Michelangelo says:

    Beleeee dat! *birdman hand run*

  14. Radharany says:


  15. Huy H. says:

    Good shit Levi! #SkateLife

  16. Omar Aboul-Nasr says:

    Levi, glad to see you making moves. I can’t Belee Dat you have gotten so far I remember when you released your first infinity piece it was so dope. I still have it!

  17. Stephanie Ayala says:

    Belee Dat…PERFECT!

  18. Ben Nutter says:

    Dag, very nice. Fresh Prince vibe, love it. Keep up the great work. Excited for Stro as well. Check the site every day… Ballin on the off days.

  19. Smooth As Vid….Like Usual.

  20. Matteo says:


  21. chris says:

    2 inspiring people collaborating together is a wonderful people. Keep on creating amazing work.

  22. chris says:

    *wonderful thing

  23. Saul Arellano says:

    Great stuff. It was an honor to inter for you, thank you.

  24. pj says:

    i guess im a little late on this :/

  25. Logan Moy says:

    I still remember meeting you at the Reed Space event for ReDu.. That was definitely one of the most inspiring days. Watching brand new Maestro Knows episodes only remind me that with hardwork and passion you can achieve your greatest goals. Stay educating new minds Maestro, you’re a true inspiration to the generation!

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