Question 62

July 17, 2012   Posted by Levi Maestro

Nas says he never sleeps, cause sleep is the cousin of death. 50 said that sleep is for the broke. Jeff Staple stresses about not having enough hours in a day. What are your thoughts on sleep? This might be an awkward question, but it says a lot about a person! I’m only wondering because from judging your work ethic it seems like you NEVER sleep!

Submitted by Anh Nguyen. July 17, 2012
I use to be really stubborn & actually very proud when I didn’t sleep certain nights, staying up to work & feeling like I was on my job because I was depriving myself on something my body needed. The I realized I was being foolish & would be able to perform even better if I gave myself what I needed. Sleep is just one very important factor of living a healthier life, sunshine & work outs help me a lot too.

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