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July 14, 2012   Posted by Levi Maestro

To win this STRO hat, simply comment below how you’re “LIVING”. One comment will be randomly selected & announced in the comment section tmrrw. Thx & good luck!

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  1. Sean Paek says:

    Taking Chances & Facing Fears

  2. Marcus says:

    Im in good health my mothers happy I got the sand in my feet enjoying the breeze at the beach this momment im “LIVING”

  3. I’m “LIVING” life how a person in their mid-twenties should be living. No kids, have my own car, a job and the freedom to travel. I’m “LIVING” OK in my eyes.

  4. How I’m “LIVING”? I’m living every day doing what I love. Every day I spend it with some friends and my camera. Well for me words are hard to come up with. So all I have to say is I’m “LIVING”every day just capturing moments.
    Also I want to work with Levi Maestro, it’s something I strive to accomplish.

  5. D. Will says:

    Traveling on my own expense at age 20. Left with no parents but still pushing on, pursuing my dreams of photography, music, and travel. No compromises, no excuses. Never sure about the next move, but always smellin’ the roses. Living…

  6. I am “LIVING” moment to moment happy with gratitude for my life, for my chance at life, to live out my purpose!

  7. One day at a time! 😉

  8. Ben says:

    Started P90x yesterday. Definitely living.

  9. Dillion says:

    I living life the way of a Samurai, I live,love,breathe creativity. I am constantly searching for the greater good in people.

  10. Jon says:

    This is how I’m “LIVING” at the moment….

    Learning about life while working and getting older hopefully will push me to my goal to one day be successful in a career I love.
    I Love my new engaged Fiance, we are living our dreams even though we are majority apart due to work. We make it work.
    Victories to me are not just winning but completing small goals passing tests, promotions, engagements, and traveling.
    I work to better myself even though it isn’t a dream job. It works for now but it’s all part of the process to a better career.
    Not the richest, not the best looking, not the smartest person but living in my “now” will enhance my future to better me
    Goals for the future: getting married, starting a family, providing, seeing the world, live one day at a time without any regrets.

  11. Colin R. says:

    I moved to a new city, got a great job and go out by myself meeting people and having fun every weekend. I also soak in the california sun and run just about everyday, training for marathons come fall. If you do not call that “LIVING”, I do not know what is.

  12. jacob says:

    Take one day at a time.

  13. mike graham says:

    I am LIVING while I am still alive.

  14. Sean Nana says:

    because I’m about that life!

  15. I’m LIVING my life providing for my mother Because she sacrificed her living to raise me and make the young man I am today. I’m living proud of myself & I’m living strong.

  16. colin wiseman says:

    i am living with many good things ahead of me.. thats how players do it!

  17. Brian Shaw says:

    Living large & in charge baby, that’s how playas do it.

  18. Garrett Close says:

    I’m living like it’s the ’90s.

  19. Kirby Sharp says:

    I am “LiViNG” so that by the end of my life I can say that I have truely lived life to the fullest. Vive ut Vivas.

  20. Will says:

    Living life the simple way.

  21. Kyle A. says:

    Persistently while still remaining patient. Getting there first doesn’t mean you’ve won, and getting their last doesn’t mean you’ve lost.

  22. Joshua Reid says:

    Beginning every day with a fresh mindset 😉

  23. David says:

    I make something good out of each day. Nuff said.

  24. Sebastian Alvarez says:

    I emigrated to this country 11 years ago because my dad saw more opportunity here than in Colombia. I’m 23 now, with a bachelors degree in architecture and currently in my last year for a master in urban design. I sleep about 4-7 hours a night and in my spare time I make music and play sports. I do this because my parents didn’t bring me here to be mediocre. That’s how I’m Living

  25. Raf says:

    Overcoming lifes obstacles, Every LIVING day is a life lesson & Blessing.

  26. Pagz says:

    I’m still alive so I’m living, just graduated college but looking for a job to repay all these bills.

  27. living life with love, peace & happiness.

  28. Niko says:

    I’m living because I let my heart fluff the pillows of my mind, submerging myself in thick astonishing pleasure.

  29. Yman says:

    I’m living each day like it’s the last.

  30. Alisha G. says:

    I’m 21. Sober-no distractions. Determined-have two jobs and finding my way through college. It’s been rough but with the support of friends and positive influences I’m making it through and living life.

  31. I’m re-commenting because my first answer was lame, I’m not doing it to win anything, I’m doing it for me..I am LIVING in a town far from where I work and go to school, starting school this fall semester on academic probation, 22 years old and living at home, and I’ve never been happier in my entire life. I thought what I wanted for my life was to be rich, famous, and party. But chasing after each of those things just left me feeling empty and alone. Failing in school, failing moving out on my own, and failing and hitting rock bottom was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. Because I woke up! I am no longer in control of my life. I gave my life to God and its the most grown up thing I’ve ever done. I don’t know what my purpose is here on this earth. But I know I was meant for glory! So until I hear my calling I am here right here LIVING thankfully, happily, abundantly, working hard, learning, and falling more and more in love with LIVING every day! All I have is hope for the future!
    Your doing good Maestro. Thank you for your positivity!

  32. Fabian says:

    Exploring life in a new city: Zurich, Switzerland and living it!

  33. 23kenn says:

    Carpe diem

  34. andre says:

    il livin on the come up going hard everyday

  35. Levi Maestro says:





  36. Fredde says:

    Hi Maestro! Living in sweden in a small town, working my as off to get good grades in school!

    // Fredde

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