Stand Up For Skateparks

April 27, 2012   Posted by Justin Stephens

So it’s been crazy. Literally, just trying to keep my head above water chasing work, and doing everything that I can to help create some work as well. With that kind of flow though sometimes my creativity can suffer, but sometimes it can thrive as well.

Lately I’ve been quite focused on getting some personal projects off the ground. The projects that keep me up at night. The ones I cant stop thinking about. Some of these things I can get moving faster than others, and some of these things will require chipping away at them whenever I can…Slowly but surely…

One of these projects is to do everything that I can to help get a new local skatepark built in our area. I’m a father of 4 boys, and it’s just something that I want to see happen. A safe place for them to skate for themselves and with their friends. (I’ve made a living in the action sports industry for 12+ years now, and it’s just simply something that I believe in.) It’s been slow to start, but its a work in progress that will take a small army to accomplish.

I’ve reached out to the California Skateparks team to help us out in our efforts, and they have been beyond helpful in our efforts already to this point…And we haven’t even really started yet!

All I have to say is that it’s quite easy to get stuck in a world of chasing work, staying busy, and never allowing yourself to really step back to take a look at what really matters to you. I literally had to stop myself physically & mentally recently in order to do this, and I’m already starting to feel more like myself again…I have to believe that coming back to some of these basic core values will not only be fun for myself, my kids, and our community, but also help me in my work as well…The work that I make a living doing…

Please checkout, like, and share the basic FB page that we have launched for Southern Utah Skateparks below to slowly help bring attention to out efforts. It’s a small town, and a small piece of the pie overall, but the more attention we can bring to our efforts, the better chance we will have to get a new park built.

Thanks for the love everyone!

Southern Utah Skateparks
California Skateparks

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