April 15, 2012   Posted by Levi Maestro

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— Although it’s a video focused on showing off the Darniel (Hunter) button-up shirt from Publish, I tried to bring it back with the human element of having my good friend Lindsey sport it instead of me. This is an attempt of me trying my hand at navigating behind the camera.

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3 Comments to “HEYJOHNLIWAG! | Navy Green”

  1. Shaunte says:

    hey. john liwag.
    very nice. i liked the feel. the “just for now” soundtrack. the 35mm.
    i liked.

  2. Shine says:

    Hey John!

    Great work. The music goes so well! I gotta hear the entire track! I recognize imogen heap’s just for now, but which remix is this one?

    Keep it fresh!

  3. Colin R. says:


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