Travis Marshall

March 6, 2012   Posted by Justin Stephens

I’ll be honest, I do not know much about country music, nor do I claim to know much about it either. What I CAN say though is that I love it when people genuinely follow their hearts. Sometimes doing this can get us in trouble, and sometimes it can bring people great success. Regardless, to me, it’s honorable & infectious.

I’ve known Travis for the last 4-5 years or so, but as an ultra talented, sharp as a tac, obsessive compulsive graphic designer / illustrator. We worked together a lot in this capacity, and on some very fun and high pressure projects combined. Over time though I would slowly learn though that this was all a means to him developing and growing his opportunity to follow his heart with in music.

Needless to say I received a text message from Travis down the road one day saying how he had just put it all on black, had headed out to Nashville, and somehow had just recorded his first song titled “History” in a legit studio with some amazing people…He had made it happen…There is way more to his story than just this, but it is proof that the human spirit in its most passionate moments can transcend all.

To Buy/Share/Support “History” on iTunes right now, please click HERE.

A few stats:
• Travis is completely self financed/independent
• We shot the music video in 1 day
• There were people camping on location the morning of the shoot
• The entire crew donated their time
• All cameras and gear were donated for the shoot
• This is the first song Travis has ever recorded in a studio
• This is the first music video Travis has ever done
• This is the first music video I have ever done
• I will never forget this experience…


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  1. Kavin Lindgren says:

    So sick!!! Amazing shooting Justin and crew. You guys are super talented!!! So stoked for you Travis Marshall. Super good sound and you’ve got the country gentleman thing nailed! Super excited for you bro. Congrats. I’m lucky I’ve had the pleasure of being friends with you guys and been around such positive energy!

    Kavin Lindgren

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