Maestro Knows – Special Edition (Frones)

February 16, 2012   Posted by Levi Maestro

Wow this episode has been a long time coming, a secret in the making, a diamond in the rough. One of the things that continues to make me smile as I create these shows is the ability look back at them and see the progression in my life & career, both physically & mentally. This 9 minute piece contains footage from several different days in my life over the course of the last 2 years. It’s been a privilege to involve my friends, mentors, and heros in the creation of this sneaker and I want to say thank you to (everyone in the video above) the people who were there for me & held me down through the birth of Frones.

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14 Comments to “Maestro Knows – Special Edition (Frones)”

  1. Tiara says:

    Im loving that Xscape is playing in the background!

  2. Wow…. another powerful episode… loved it… definitely needed this today with all thats on my mind… you always release a video at the right moment… thank you maestro!

  3. Tiara says:

    Best background music ever!

  4. e. says:

    very inspirational video! thank you.

  5. […] Levi Maestro has publicly demonstrated that with hard work, consistency, and proper networking that you can reach your goals. Case in point, Maestro’s collab with Vans. Last month, Vans released a collaborative shoe with the popular blogger that reflected his two loves, Vans and California. Levi always strapped with camera in hand has collected almost 2 years worth of film documenting his journey with the OTW brand and gives some insight into how, why, and of course, where it all came together. All properly edited and exposed into under 10minutes. Worth your time? Check it out! […]

  6. Royal says:

    Another great vid man. Again, no surprise seeing the accomplishments you have achieved. Your hard work and dedication continues to inspire others like me to step out and pursue life and its gift. Many blessings Levi!!!

  7. Eric Gomez says:

    who was the model wearing your shoes??she is beautifull!!

  8. Colin R. says:

    This video made my soul smile. Thank you for LA. Merci for Paris.

  9. Steve says:

    inspirational as always. been waiting for videos to drop but you doing things on a whole other level now. i gotta stop waiting for your videos to drop and get going with my own life!!! keep it up homie!

  10. Jordan Mars says:

    Levi you are so genuine and a lovely person. Your story is inspiring. Wishing you all the blessings! Love this episode.

  11. Vinson says:

    Man, it never fails. I can now honestly say Maestro Knows episodes have changed my life.

  12. […] this story. I remember watching this kid Maestro back when he released the very first episode of┬áMaestro Knows and being intrigued and wanting more. After starting out in LA and documenting his travels as […]

  13. jogs says:

    you’re an inspiration keep it up bro.

  14. Harrison says:

    one of the ILLEST endings to an episode yet

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