Sneaker Freaker | Levi Maestro + Vans | First Look

December 15, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro

Since the first moment people became aware of me, Sneaker Freaker was there. They constantly have shown support and put time & effort into my work, so there’s no way I wanted to launch my shoe without them being an integral part of the process. They bring you the first photos, plus a brand new video clip & interview. Go pick up Issue #23!

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6 Comments to “Sneaker Freaker | Levi Maestro + Vans | First Look”

  1. GRIFF says:

    Those are way fresher than anything they got up in Bloomingdales lol. Instant Classics

  2. manu says:


  3. Colin Robinson says:

    Congratulations Maestro. The man who loves sneakers finally got his own.

  4. JNSQ says:

    This is an amazing accomplishment, kudos.

  5. giannisgk says:

    where can i get one??plz share the epicness

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