Maestro Knows America Tour 2012

December 27, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro

I am soooooo excited for my first ever cross country road trip! Some of the cities will be stops for the release of my new sneaker, and others just to experience and hopefully meet up with you as well! If you have any suggestions or inquiries leave it in the comments. Also, as I pass through each city I will prepare a post that you can unlock. This is gonna be a lot of fun, see you soon!

*New Date Added – JAN 6TH | SAN FRANCISCO, CA*

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37 Comments to “Maestro Knows America Tour 2012”

  1. Radharany says:

    Why aren’t you stopping in Miami?! :(

  2. Congrats. Plan on stopping by when you arrive in NYC.

  3. If you have time on the 13th, you should come by Exploded Drawing. It’s a semi-monthly event where electronic, hip hop, beat heads and producers come together. They play, share, and experience music in a recording studio downtown. If you’d like a little glimpse into it, there’s a class project I did on it. Definitely try to stop by, it’s creativity at a its rawest form. Here’s the class project I did on it:

  4. Ace says:

    Levi! No SF date!? ):

  5. Maxiimiliano says:

    Ok so let me get this strait levi so your coming to texas and not dallas
    really amarillo?? hahaha alrite man looks like I’m gonna have to take a road trip

  6. Colin R. says:

    You are not coming to the bay. Well I will run into you one of these days, one goal of mine is to meet you. Congrats Maestro, you do in fact KNOW.

  7. Eric Gomez says:

    Chicago got plenty of love for maestro!!!Come threw!!!it hasent had any snow so you dont have 2worry about that!!”+

  8. Shine says:

    See you in DC!!

  9. CC says:

    Portland misses you :(

  10. Jashua Ortiz says:

    This is going to be GREAT! Cant wait for the debut! See you in LOS ANGELES! so where will you be at?

  11. Gabey says:

    I agree with Eric Gomez, i’m from Puerto Rico but moved to chicago recently and the weather has surprised me its beautiful so far.

  12. Mel says:

    Damn, no PDX. Wish to see you here soon man.

  13. Ian says:

    Come to Philly!

  14. Jordy says:


  15. Alex says:

    I see Bryce Canyonhur, but on a monday? haha i see its day after day, but im dying to get some of your kicks, and I got class on monday up in Provo UT….. how can i get at ya?

  16. Arthur says:

    you should stop in san diego first

  17. Andrew says:

    where is LA?!?!

  18. JDC says:

    Wish you were stopping in Boston Stro, can’t wait to follow you on this journey around America.

  19. Octavius says:

    We’d love to have you out here in Philly.

  20. Dude,

    you have been a total inspiration to me over the past years. Your videos are a great and very inspirational. I have even talked to you on the phone before. You called me after I purchased a maestro/13th witness t-shirt. I love to try and have another conversation while you in ATL.

  21. Everett says:

    How you gonna go to Amarillo and NOT come to Dallas.?? :(
    Are the sneakers at least gonna be available online.??

  22. Melvin Sun says:

    Are the shoes gonna be available for online shopping? what stores? undefeated and other vault accounts? :)

  23. Dave Dee says:

    Gotta add a Philly stop in there if there’s time between DC & NYC. Would love to meet up and show you my city. You love your steak sandwiches, too, and Philly is the home of the cheese steak man! Anyways, I just got back from doing a road trip myself. Nothing fancy, just me and my 93 Honda Accord. I did Philly to Orange County, lived there for about 6 months and just got back recently. I put a little video together of my trip, somewhat inspired by your videos. Feel free to check it out. It’s my first time messing around with creating a video montage, so it’s not on your level yet, but I’m proud of it.
    I’m not trying spam your site or anything, just sharing something creative that, in a way, you helped inspire. Let me know if you check it out, and what you think. Anyways, best of luck with the tour, and I’ll try and hit up DC or NYC if you can’t make it out to Philly this go round.

    Much love from the city of brotherly love,
    Dave D

  24. #MKUSA « says:

    […] The last stop on the tour is of course the best city in the world NYC. Jan 21-23. More info hereĀ  […]

  25. Tomi says:

    Dude can’t wait for you to come to Amarillo

  26. JMack says:

    You should make a Detroit stop.. the visuals would be incredible, you could meet a LOT of really great artists and tastemakers and see some of the most incredible architecture out of any of the cities youll visit….

  27. Pedro says:

    Hey maestro since your stopping by in sf I would love to meet you man. Your quite an inspiration to me. I work at kenneth Cole in downtown SF at the westfield shopping centre if you want to stop around 11-4. If i dont get to meet you take care man and keep doing what your doing. Enjoy your roadtrip too!

  28. Pedro says:

    Also if you want stop by this burger place its soo good. Itls called Pears Burgers on Post and Jones. Check it out. Any burger there is delicious but i usually get the Pearls Deluxe w/ pepper jack cheese and avocado.

  29. math says:

    Man, When will you come in Canada?

  30. Dale says:

    Can’t wait for you to come to NYC, where exactly in NYC are you gonna at?

  31. Hey Maestro,
    I work in Boulder CO at a shoe store called Installation Shoe Gallery. I have been a huge fan of yours for the last few years and your work has really helped to inspire me to always aim to do more. I was wondering if you could come by sometime to check out the shop and hopefully we can get ahold of our Vans rep to get your shoe in the shop. Thanks for the inspiration, peace!

  32. James Newton says:

    Check out Humidity Skate Shop when you stop in New Orleans! I can also recommend some good spots to eat!

  33. Stanley Nwobi says:

    Yo…I’m so confused. Why haven’t you posted the locations of your tour dates? I’m trying to see you in Austin or Houston. Come Maestro!! Let us know!

  34. Taylorlaurie says:

    Where in ATL are you stopping?

  35. Amara says:

    where in dc are you going? commonwealth?

  36. May says:

    How about Portland, OR? -_____-

  37. Dennis says:

    Never good things in europe :(

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