Holga Experiment

December 12, 2011   Posted by Justin Stephens

For any of you out there that know about Holga cameras, you know that they are inexpensive, simple, and ultra unpredictable cameras to shoot most of the time. It’s what makes them so fun. You never really know what your going to get…

With that said, back in 2007 I thought it would be fun to take a little different approach and actually try to setup some more formal environments with my Holga. The experiment consisted of a video light (soft box), light meter, a few rolls of medium format Fuji brand film, a ghetto little wide angle adapter, and a ruler to measure focal distances with to see if it was possible to actually get the focus spot on.

My wife and kids would end up being the victims of this experiment, and needless to say the results were pretty dang cool. Some of my favorite shots from about 3 rolls of film or so are in the gallery below. I mixed in a few randoms as well that made their way in there in between some of the shots.

*Click HERE to learn more about Holga cameras.

2 Comments to “Holga Experiment”

  1. AMONI says:

    I have a Holga 135 and it is definitely a work in progress/experiment that I’ve had since January. Unfortunately, I have only taken two and a half rolls worth of film and have yet to develop them. A few weeks ago, I started to pick it up again to take some photos and with after seeing some of yours I’m looking even more forward to seeing the end result of mine. Cool stuff!

  2. zack mctee says:

    cool idea, they turned out great.

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