Honest Eyes

November 18, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro

I found this picture today that was taken the other night when I was at a real cool T-Mobile event in Los Angeles. 7 years ago before I moved to LA I got to go to a T-Mobile party on the rooftop of The Grove, it was the launch of the Sidekick II. That was interestingly one of the best nights of my life as it changed the course I would eventually take. Funny how a brand can offer an experience which you can in turn become sentimentally attached to. As a matter of fact, had my friend not brought me out to LA that time and had we not gone to that party that night where I met Dave Meyers, I may have never moved here and done all the things I have. When I saw this photo it reminded me of all that and reminded me of an amazing girl I’m getting to know that tells me she wish she had my eyes. Interesting.

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