Devlin’s Update | Over My Dead Body

November 16, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro

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3 Comments to “Devlin’s Update | Over My Dead Body”

  1. Eddie says:

    Man I really wanna read this but the font is so damn small I can’t even see what it says.

  2. Asghar Zaidi says:

    I wasn’t really a big fan of Over My Dead Body. If you ask me, I like this whole ovoxo vibe Drake has going with the Weeknd, who is btw my favorite r&b artist right now. Songs like The Ride, Good Ones Go, Crew Love, Practice, Shot for Me all produced with the assistance of the Weeknd have been on point if you ask me. I’m curious to see what direction Drake goes in with the Weeknd, and maybe just maybe they’ll release a collaborative album. Cause it could work for sure based on all the above songs

  3. Asghar Zaidi says:

    I guess it might be the fact that they’re both from Toronto…The Weeknd has some very ‘dark’ music, for lack of a better word. Music that plays on emotions and ideas like betrayal, dishonesty, belittlement, and distortion. If you ask me, underneath it all those are the emotions are the driving source for Drake’s work as well, which is why the two get along so well and vibe with each other on tracks…tracks like ‘The Zone’ off of The Weeknd’s mixtape ‘Thursday’. I’m excited to see more from them in the future.

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