Maestro Knows – Special Edition (It’s About Time)

September 8, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro

In this super special episode join Maestro and his mentor Justin as they get to shoot for their first time ever on the Universal Studios backlot. Far more important, Maestro shares his thoughts on being a part of something larger than yourself, Tinker Hatfield speaks on the release of the Nike Mag, all to lead up to a special message from Mr. Michael J. Fox himself. It’s About Time.

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24 Comments to “Maestro Knows – Special Edition (It’s About Time)”

  1. Wow man. Amazing…crazy to see how far you have come in the past 2 years. Extreme inspiration and motivation.

  2. Great video! 3 of my idols in one place. I’ve wanted these since i first saw the movie. It sucks there so money but i’m glad great sneakers are going to a better cause. Good luck with the research guys!

  3. vince says:

    inspiring stuff!

  4. rey says:

    Where is this splendid beat from?

  5. Rik says:

    Good use of “Blame Game”, goosebumps all over.

  6. Jarrett says:

    Very inspiring to see someone else doing what they’ve dreamed of. Very well done.

  7. C says:

    NO POWER LACES UNTIL 2015 These shoes will be so epic. check out my write up i did on the “McFlys”

  8. Fenrnado says:

    What kind of board is that?

  9. eder says:

    I don’t know how Maestro does it, but he always creates inspiration to do better.

  10. Yepz says:

    Dude you are an inspiration to me, being in high school and all is pretty tuff but i always see your videos and they simply make everything better.

  11. Mando Fresko says:

    […] top tastemakers. Ran into many friends of mine last night! Maestro of Maestro Knows (who made an amazing video about the Nike Mag event), celebrity jewelry designer Melody Ehsani, and rapper Tinie Tempah […]

  12. So awesome, you never cease to impress Maestro

  13. drew says:

    this video was really amazing, visually and the words

  14. Wow that last bit with MJ was truly touching… Incredible work and yet another incredible piece… Proud of you Maestro!

    too bad you have to drop at least 3 racks to buy a pair…

  15. Chuck T says:

    Nice use of the Aphex Twin track! It’s such a deep song, but all I can think of anymore is “Yeezy taught me”

  16. sterling says:

    makes me wanna do a collaboration

  17. Coley Cole says:

    I JUST love this effort that Nike and Michael J Fox’s team came up with. This is just a big bowl of awesome-ness.

  18. tyrone says:

    what are those red and black nike high tops called that you are wearing in this video?

  19. Adam Miller says:


  20. strizzy says:

    Great vid. Check out where we live to showcase inspiration!

  21. […] this special edition of Maestro Know, Levi films at the Universal Studios with the infamous Delorean from Back To the Future. The title […]

  22. Rob C says:

    Very cool way to weave in blame game. Well done.

  23. […] puisque porté par Levi Maestro (modèle noir sur gris), dans le générique de sa webserie Maestro knows. Ou encore A$AP Rocky (modèle noir sur noir) dans son dernier clip, WASSUP à 1:03 […]

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