September 22, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro

Yo Maestro,

How’s life?

I just wanted to say thanks. Thanks for all the inspiration you have given
me the past few years. The main thing I’ve picked up from you is that
everything is possible as long as you work hard and stay real. I’ve been
following you since your first video and it was amazing to see the growth
in your project. You are also the main reason I started a portfolio
website for my video’s/photo’s and beats. 6 months ago I didn’t know
anything about videography/photography, and now I’m shooting music video’s
and I recently just finishded doing a commercial project for Heineken.
Again, you were the main reason for all this, because of you I think
everything is possible and it changed my state of mind completely!

Good luck with everything and we should definitely meet up when you’re in


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