Transparent Moment

August 16, 2011   Posted by Justin Stephens

Every once in a while I’ll hit a wall…A giant…Mental…WALL. Today is one of those days.

My anxiety level of feeling so close, but so far away from so many different things has me pretty much frozen in my tracks. Can’t sleep at night, and can’t focus during the day…Part of me even typing this right now is me just trying to feel like I’m accomplishing something today.

With that said…

I’m going to revert back to a discapline that I created for myself a while back that I have not excercized in a while. Daily journal entries of progress made throughout the day, everyday. Doing this helps me actually physically see the progress that I’ve made, simple and bullet-point style, and in turn helps me indeed realize that Im actually moving forward, even in my most anxious and mentally stuck moments.

– Dropped a post on Levi’s site.


*I use a slick and simple program called EVERNOTE to help keep these journal entires, and everything else that I’m working on organized.

2 Comments to “Transparent Moment”

  1. AMONI says:

    I use to use Evernote. I’ve been using quick note/diigo. It visually has a good vibe. Keeping daily journals though do help you see the progression that one has made. I even list daily schedules and delete each one as I accomplish it. It’s great to see the long list disappear.

  2. Although it may not fit into your schedule… it sounds like you need to take a trip to the beach, or a lake, or a mountain top… anywhere close to you created by nature… get away from the city and technology and just go meditate outdoor… get inspired by nature and natural beauty.

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