Scion iQ

August 30, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro

The other day I attended a press reveal for Scion’s new vehicle launching this October….the all new iQ. I’ve never been so into cars except for maybe how they look so I’m sure that there will be many important factors for others reading that I leave out but let me tell you what I dig about this auto! It was real fun to drive, never before did I have fun driving a small vehicle haha but this car has a lot of personality! Averaging 37mpg and opening with a price of 15K, this car is definitely a good move for the economy in America, I might get two of them because my friend needs a new car too! Aside from all the nice events, food, and information that Scion organized for this little expedition, the most valuable thing I came to find out was what the brand really stands for, and that is you, the individual. I really appreciate that.

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  2. Kwezzy says:

    that red one looks sharp!!!! I wonder how these cars drive,.

  3. Nootropic says:

    Hi I enjoyed your site. very awesome

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