Press Forward

August 10, 2011   Posted by Justin Stephens

Normally I keep things pretty close to my chest when it comes to family and friends. In this situation though I felt that I would share something deeply close to me that has helped me stay calm in even the most turbulent circumstances.

The following is a personal email sent to me by my father earlier this year while dealing with some deep challenges in my life. I felt impressed to share this with everyone today while revisiting a few things earlier today and tonight that distracted me from my current focus. Please take it for what it might be worth to you. Nothing more, nothing less.

Don’t ask me for details, but long term this thing works out – Guaranteed.
Take care of your health first – Somehow stay well – You may never get your good health back.
Don’t be miserable – Make it a point to stop and look up at the sky and breath deeply.
Don’t get caught in a corner, in a small box of thought, anger, depression, and confusion.
This is a very, very big world with a lot of opportunity and promise.
The bad guys get their just rewards someday – Eventually.
With so much at stake, frustration can begin to rule your every thought and action. – Kill it.
This sounds a little pathetic, but “there is a reason for everything.”
At the very least, you’ll find out who your true friends are…and they’ll be your friends forever.
All works out for the man who firmly stays the course, uprightly, with class and honor.
The phrase “Steely Calm” comes to mind.
Rise above it, and fly.



5 Comments to “Press Forward”

  1. Chris says:

    Amazing, Thanks for sharing.

  2. I’m glad you decided to share this with the world and post it. All I can say is wow, amazing words

  3. Some powerful words right there… I think he forget to say a little something about family. In the end, they will be the ones by your side no matter what.

  4. Wes says:

    best post ever

  5. Manuel Rivera says:

    Thanks and i have to tell you that you are one of just a few people in this world that inspire me to work hard and to work in what you love. Thanks again for this.

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