Nigel Sylvester | G-Shock | Release (Video)

August 16, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro

Congratulations to my homie Nigel on the release of his new G-Shock! We made this video the other day in NYC to remember the moment.

Music by: @Ernie_J_

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5 Comments to “Nigel Sylvester | G-Shock | Release (Video)”

  1. Talk about a minisode! This clip packs so much into it, that it deserves to be an MK episode… I know it was done for G-Shock but WOW! Not to mention my idol, Pharrell! I hope you got his number so you can do an episode with him!

  2. Launchpad says:

    raise your hand if you where friends with nigel in 2003.

  3. the flyest says:

    Good episode! I agree, this should’ve been a MK episode.

  4. Clark K. says:

    Anyone know what instrumental that’s from?

  5. Philippe Andan says:

    where can i get that t shirt “popawheeliefresh”????

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