Challenging Yourself

August 3, 2011   Posted by Justin Stephens

A close friend of mine named Travis approached me about jumping in on a project together after recording his first single back in Nashville earlier this year. (This project was shooting a music video for his single.) Not only have we been tight for sometime now, but he had made magic happen for me in the past on some pretty serious design projects as well…So I was familiar with how our workflow had rolled out in the past, and wasn’t even stressing…Well…I’m lying actually…There we’re 3 pretty large issues here actually. I had never shot a music video before, we didn’t have a budget, and country music is something that I’m just not familiar with at all. So I had a pretty thick mix of nervousness, anxiety, and excitement all kinda run through me at the same time.

We all knew that we we’re working with limited resource and time on this, but none of us were going to let it appear this way. We allocated as much time as we could to pre-production to make sure that things would go off without a hitch, and pulled together everyones available resources in order to make sure we had what we needed to get things done. Not only did we get this video shot in an 18 hour day, but I don’t think that things could have gone any better than they did…The reason for this was because everyone in the crew that was involved, and everyone’s willingness to challenge themselves during the entire process. (Particularly by my good friend and right hand on this project, Mark Shonka.) It’s in these environments that the magic happens, and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to jump into the fire on this one with everyone.

I’ve included a few frame grabs of the video below. We’re still in post production on it now, but as soon as the video drops we’ll get it posted up for sure.


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5 Comments to “Challenging Yourself”

  1. Seriously… I just graced the pages of Maestro Knows? *Check!

    Thanks for writing this Justin. I’m gonna copy paste into my little book-o-journal entries. I’m constantly reminding people that if you wanna look your best you’ve gotta surround yourself with the best. I will forever be in debt to all those who showed up ready to work on June 4, 2011.


  2. Nikolay says:

    Man, the stills looks great. I’m pretty sure the quest of shooting the music video will be beautifully completed.


  3. Lacey (Topham) Farr says:

    I enjoyed watching the magic, you boys made it look easy. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  4. Damn… just by describing the process, I am so interested… can’t wait to see the finished product!

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