Brad Bishop

July 9, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro

Hi Levi.

I’m Brad Bishop from Bristol England. I’ve been taking lots of photographs and shot this little video for LEADER BIKES, Also, a good friend of mine Gavin is making a cycling documentary called BOIKZMOIND, (released August this year!) which i have been taking photographs for over the past year, im too excited man! Since finding Maestro Knows, my daily outlook has been increasingly positive and I feel driven to create on the daily.

My dream is to travel the world, shoot amazing photographs and enjoy life a photo at a time.

How do i get myself out there for people to see my work? im struggling to use social networks effectively!

Heres my Flickr page
Heres my Website

PS. Thanks for the Tee and Crew neck, So nice!

Keep doin’ what your doin’


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  1. Pretty awesome video Brad… Love the visuals and the shots you chose to incorporate into the video. I got a real sense of the atmosphere of the shop and the people that work there… I saw their passion through your video. Keep it up!

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