Beau Designs | GK2G (Go-Kart to Go)

June 17, 2011   Posted by paulpacker

Ever go racing at K1? Similar to the electric kart’s they use except on this looks like a whole new level electric go kart. Beau Reid’s GK2G can fold up and fit in the back of your car. Designed and engineered to look and feel like a formula one car and it only weighs 65 pounds. The entire chassis and body work are made from carbon fiber, powered by lightweight lithium batteries. The racer also has a top speed of 60 mph. The chassis is designed to fold up into a package of only 30” x 30” x 15,” this is achieved by quick disconnects of the rims and steering wheel and folding the chassis in half.

Source: YD

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  1. WOW! Now that’s a freaking go-kart! The design is beautiful and clean!

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